World Ship Society Travel Bursaries

The World Ship Society exists to arouse, stimulate and maintain interest in ships, shipping and related matters amongst the general public; to promote understanding of these subjects and their rich heritage by compiling, publishing and preserving records and illustrative material concerning ships and their part in mercantile and naval activity; and to promote and advance public education in current and historical affairs. In furtherance of these objects the Society will hold, promote or support conferences, seminars, meetings, symposia and lectures concerning ships, shipping and related matters.

Consequently, every year the World Ship Society will provide ten travel bursaries, each of £100, to support ten postgraduate students or independent researchers attending the maritime history conferences in the United Kingdom.


  • Typically, successful applicants will be registered for a post-graduate qualification in maritime history, typically a Ph.D, but Independent researchers will also be considered.
  • Successful applicants will be studying a ship-related topic either naval or mercantile.
  • Such topics include:
    • Significant ships and their influence on history/future developments.
    • Ship design and service performance.
    • Shipping companies and their history.
    • Development of ship types both naval and mercantile.
    • Warships and naval history.
  • The majority of successful applicants will be delivering oral presentations to maritime history conferences such as the annual British Commission of Maritime History’s (BCMH) New Researchers Conference etc. However, the Society will also consider supporting those just wishing to attend such events provided their research meets criteria (1) – (3) above.


Successful applicants will receive a cheque for £100 from the World Ship Society presented to them during the event that they are attending.

Application Form (docx)