Small Craft Group Journal

First printed in the winter of 1993 the Small Craft Group Journal is published three times a year and features news and articles about small craft used by the armed forces of the United Kingdom.  The magazine serves as a forum and welcomes articles, news and photographs on a variety of subjects including the craft and boats used by the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Air Force, Army, their respective auxiliary services,  the United Kingdom Coastguard, Customs and the Police as well as information and articles about these craft in civilian hands (the so-called Survivors).

The content of two recent editions of the Journal is indicative of the material published routinely published in this magazine:

Journal Number 51

  • Heads Up – news of current activities
  • The Isles of Scilly Steamship Company
  • Identification Friend of Foe (IFF) on MGBS/MTBS based at Dover/Ramsgate in 1942-44
  • Update on 60 ft pinnaces
  • Survivors Updates (January to October 2010)
  • A pair of 35 ft fast motor boats THUNDERCHILD and MISS SIAM
  • Roundel – an update on RAF Marine Craft
  • RMAS & SERCO news

Journal Number 52

  • Look astern – updates on information published in the previous issue
  • Inshore minesweepers built at Beaumaris
  • Roylen Cruises – Fairmile Bs in the Great Barrier Reef
  • Roundel – an update on RAF Marine Craft
  • New survey boats debut at Falmouth
  • Lifesaving upgrades for RFAs
  • A Jubilee Year – small craft and the Jubilee in May 2013