Naval Committee

The interests of most World Ship Society members range from passenger ships to cruise ships to cargo-carrying ships and to the Merchant Navy. However there are a large number of members whose interests tend toward the naval side of things. The Society’s Naval Committee caters for and develops the needs and interests of those members of the Society with predominantly naval interests.


Role and Responsibilities

The Naval Committee has the following responsibilities:


  1. To prepare, initiate and supervise projects on naval research.
  2. To expand and codify the Society’s naval data.
  3. To preview all Society naval publications.
  4. To supervise/manage the naval content of Marine News.
  5. To advise on naval aspects of all other Society operations.
  6. To produce the quarterly journal Warships.
  7. To expand and catalogue the Naval component of the World Ship Photo Library.
  8. To supervise the production of Naval photograph offers.
  9. To develop and maintain links with like-minded Naval organisations.
  10. To organise and run an annual Naval meeting.
  11. To catalogue, maintain and disseminate the Society’s naval archives, including the Jim Colledge and Trevor Lenton notes, held at Chatham.


Fuller details of the Naval Committee’s history and activities can be found on the sub-pages of this section: