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Background and History
This World Ship Society publication first appeared in February 1966 as a naval supplement to Marine News. Originally named Warships Supplement, the journal arose because there was not enough space available each month in Marine News to meet the demand for naval historical articles. The magazine originally had a 10 x 8-inch inch format, and was edited by the late Jim Colledge while Peter Herriott was responsible for production and despatch. This team remained in place until August 1977 (volume 47) which appeared in an A5 format with Ian Grant being responsible for production and despatch from then until June 1979 (volume 57) after which Doug Kinghorn assumed this role. Jim Colledge finally retired as Editor with volume 92 and Tom Adams assumed the editor’s role for the summer 1988 (volume number 93). The magazine was renamed Warships in Spring 1992 (volume 108) with Brian Hargreaves becoming Business Manager in Autumn 1996 (volume 126) following the death of Doug Kinghorn. Tom’s on-going service as Editor of this successful quarterly coincided with the rapid development of computers and IT and he has taken full advantage of these still-evolving technologies to improve the quality of the magazine’s appearance and photographic content. All this has been achieved without diluting the quality and range of articles generated mainly from primary research sources.

Demand for out of print issues of the magazine is such that there are plans to produce digital copies of back numbers Warships in the near future.

This 40 page, A5, illustrated research magazine is published 4 times each year and offers in-depth exploration of naval matters. Warships is aimed at a worldwide and varied Naval readership with the objects being to inform, stimulate, discuss and record. As such, the magazine serves as a forum and welcomes articles, news and photographs concerning a variety of subjects including navies, coastguards, auxiliary services as well as marines and their ships/craft plus naval and marine aviation. The magazine also contains analysis of current and historical naval affairs as well technical information.

Warships no longer exists as a discreet entity but from 2021 is only available in digital form within the Supplements to Marine News.

This is a compiled list of the articles published in Warships from Issue 1 in 1966 to Issue 182 of 2016  –  Warship List

Submitting Articles for Inclusion in Warships
There is no such thing as a typical Warships article. We actually publish to a worldwide and multi-disciplinary readership of warship enthusiasts, researchers, historians, academic, order of battle enthusiasts, engineers and model makers. Hence the magazine also welcomes ship lists, tables of equipment, colour schemes and illustrations. Recent issues have included articles on Admiralty Lifting Craft, destroyer pendant numbers, the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, U-boats surrendered in 1945, the loss of BAYONET in 1939, ships that never were – MTB depot ships and Operation Ration 1940-42, the Royal Navy’s last naval war with France.

Warships pay no honoraria for contributions and we assume that the material submitted is free of copyright and/or has no restrictions on its use in the magazine. We reserve the right to edit contributions. If you consider your style is different, for example, because English is not your first language or this is your first attempt at writing a naval-focussed article – do not worry, we can provide the necessary assistance.

If you would like to submit material for publication in Warships please read the (A guide for authors) (PDF 186kb). If you have any further questions or need further advice please contact the editor (warshipsedit@gmail.com) who can provide advice style, presentation, abbreviations and terminology, bibliography and references, use of fonts and submission by e-mail or disk.


Warships Subscriptions
Warships is published quarterly as the MN Supplement & that it’s included as part of the WSS annual subscription.

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