Although Branch membership is entirely optional, many members like the advantages of belonging to a local group of ship enthusiasts. If there is a branch of the Society near you, why not contact the branch secretary and make arrangements to attend one of their monthly meetings. Many branches, both in the United Kingdom, and elsewhere, produce a monthly or quarterly journal, with news and views from the local membership. Be prepared to pay a small charge for receiving any newsletters or journals.

Many of the overseas branches are incorporated societies in their own right, because of local government requirements, but are affiliated with the World Ship Society, Ltd. Branch membership must be paid directly to the branch concerned, and not to the Society’s Membership Secretaries. Branches accept only cash or cheques for local membership. There is no facility in place allowing charge card payments for local branch membership dues.

On the following sub-pages, we are listing all the current branches of the Society. Visiting members are encouraged to contact the Branch Secretary if they plan to attend one of the meetings. A small entry fee is charged by some branches to cover the cost of room rental, etc. Most branches will provide a warm welcome to members of other WSS branches, as well as non-members visiting the area.

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